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The CNM Cyber Placement (alternatively stylized as cnmcyber placement; also known by its acronym, CNMCP; previously known as WorldOpp Placement Seminar and WorldOpp Placement; hereinafter, the Placement) is the combination of learning content delivery and practical instruction that is designed to place its participants into positions within CNM Cyber Workforce.

The Placement consists of the mandatory admission test and training options. The longest option is designed for WorldOpp fellows; it includes five sections (hereinafter, the Sections).

The CNM Cyber Orientation is the Placement's prerequisite. Since all WorldOpp Fellow Candidates are graduates from the Placement, WorldOpp Bootcamp can be considered the Placement's successor. The Placement is the third stage of WorldOpp Pipeline.

Delivery design


The Placement's curriculum largely covers all aspects of WorldOpp fellow's job description and those KSAs that the fellows needs to possess.

Learning activities


Section# Section titles Lesson Quiz Assignment
0 Admission Test N/A CNMCP Admission Test N/A
1 CNMC Team Entrance Manual Testing Essentials, Technical Report Essentials, Wiki Editing Essentials, Project Work Essentials CNMCT Entrance Exam N/A
2 CITPMA Certification Value Chain Essentials, ITSM Essentials, CNM Agile Essentials Fellow Candidate Exam Fellow Candidate Project
3 Lead Candidate Onboarding Knowledge Management Essentials, Discovering the Data, Analyzing the Sources, Composing the Documents Lead Candidate Exam Lead Candidate Project
4 Executive Candidate Onboarding Event Management Essentials Executive Candidate Exam Executive Candidate Project
5 WorldOpp Fellow Onboarding Cyber Deliverables Essentials, Understanding the DREPD Fellow Qualification Exam Fellow Qualification Project


Main wikipage: CNMCP Admission Test
The objective of the CNMCP Admission Test is to qualify a Certified CNM Cyber User to take the Placement. The successful completion of the CNM Cyber Orientation is the pre-requisite.

CNMC Team Entrance

The objective of the CNMC Team Entrance is to admit aspirants to the CNM Cyber Team. The CNMCT Entrance Exam is the admission activity.
Lessons of CNMC Team Entrance
Lessons Lectios
Manual Testing Essentials What Testing Is, What Manual Test Is, Product Work Tests, Verification vs Validation, What Test Case Is
Technical Report Essentials What Reporting Is, What Report Complete Is, Narrated Fact vs Opinion, What Tech Report Is, Tech Report Metadata
Wiki Editing Essentials What Wikipages Are, What Wiki Edits Are, Management of Wikipages, What Wiki Categories Are, Developments at the Wiki
Project Work Essentials Surroundings of Projects, Stages of Project Work, Agile vs Waterfall Work, What Project Work Is, Project Parties and Roles

Personalized Plan Matriculation

Section# Sections Activities Activity type Section objective
2 CITPMA Certification CNM Agile Essentials Lesson To place members of the CNM Cyber Team in the Incubator
Fellow Candidate Exam Quiz
Fellow Candidate Project Assignment

Apprentice Placement

Section# Sections Activities Activity type Section objective
3 Lead Candidate Onboarding Knowledge Management Essentials Lesson To place the Fellow Candidate as the Lead Candidate
Discovering the Data Lesson
Analyzing the Sources Lesson
Composing the Documents Lesson
Lead Candidate Exam Quiz
Lead Candidate Project Assignment
4 Executive Candidate Onboarding Event Management Essentials Lesson To place the Lead Candidate as the Executive Candidate
Executive Candidate Exam Quiz
Executive Candidate Project Assignment
5 WorldOpp Fellow Onboarding Cyber Deliverables Essentials Lesson To place the Executive Candidate as the fellow
Understanding the DREPD Lesson
CNM Agile Essentials Lesson
Fellow Qualification Exam Quiz
Fellow Qualification Project Assignment

Key outcomes

Based on their graduation, the Aspirants become WorldOpp fellows. During the course, They can also be assigned some specialty and placed into a WorldOpp incubator.

Specialty selection

Specialty path include accounting, business analysis, executive administration including entrepreneurship, information technology, project management, and/or systems engineering. If a graduate doesn't make his or her decision at this time, executive administration is assigned as a default option.

Incubator arrangement

Those Aspirants who have successfully passed the CNMCT Entrance Exam are admitted to the CNM Cyber Team; those Aspirants who have successfully completed the Fellow Qualification Project will be regarded as WorldOpp fellows and placed in a WorldOpp incubator.


Please let me know what type of audience you want any special area.
Generally speaking, we expect that some of the participants would be interested in services of Friends Of CNM. So, CNM Cyber Orientation is a prerequisite.
How many participants do you envision?
As many as possible.
What platform shall be used?
The course itself will be published at CNM Cert when it is launched. Videos will also be posted at YouTube and textual materials at CNM Wiki. Videoconferences shall be accommodated with CNM Talk when it is available or any other software such as Skype for Business until CNM Talk is available.
I will need upto 7 days for this so that I can aware people and attract them toward this and I will also create the platform for you and the audience as well. We can start the order after 2 days once I prepare all the details fine?
I don't know what you mean.
I can also organize a webinar in our university where you can come online one video call and instruct the students and audience about your topic if you want this.
Sure, why not? By the way, what is your university?
Will it be suitable for you to come online for a class of students? Or you will like the webinar for the people who can join online only.
I have no preferences at the moment.

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