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What Wikipages Are (hereinafter, the Lectio) is the lesson part of Wiki Editing Essentials lesson that introduces its participants to wiki edit concepts. This lesson belongs to the CNMCT Entrance section of the CNM Cyber Placement.


The predecessor lectio is Tech Report Metadata.


A wikipage is any webpage that a wiki engine powers. We define a paper page as one side of a leaf of paper that is bundled with other paper or papers to form a book, notebook, or any other combination of pages. Using a similar pattern, we can define a webpage as anything that a web browser displays while accessing one single URL. In comparison with a regular webpage, a wikipage allows for revision control and easier editing.
At CNM Wiki, every wikipage has its unique wikipage title. This title can be found in both URL and in the title section of the page content. If you access the wiki.cnmcyber.com/en/What_Wikipages_Are , you would find the title, What Wikipages Are, below the upper menus. At CNM Wiki displays wikipage titles in the biggest font on the wikipage.
Right above the page title you can locate a special page type menu. CNM Wiki offers three types of wikipages. They are Content, Talk, and Special pages.
When you open CNM Wiki, most likely, the tab "Page" would be activated. If so, you have got to a content page. The content pages are called just "Pages"; they display current versions of their pages.
On the right of the "Page" tab, the "Discussion" tab can be found. If you click on that tab, you would get to the "Talk" page that is attached to the "Content" page. The "Talk" pages can be used for discussions related to the "content page" matters.
If you click on the "Recent changes" tab on the left menu, you would get to one of special pages. You can check the page type menu to confirm that. Unlike "Talk pages," "Special pages" are not connected to any particular "Content page."
"Special pages" can be helpful in seeing what is happening at CNM Wiki as a whole. For instance, you can find the list of the most active contributors at wiki.cnmcyber.com/en/Special:ActiveUsers
You can also use "special pages" to look for all the wiki edits of a particular user. For example, all of the contributions of the author of this sentence can be found at wiki.cnmcyber.com/en/Special:Contributions/Gary
To operate, "special pages" use metadata related to the content pages. At CNM Wiki, the size of metadata greatly exceeds the size of "content page's" data.

Key terms

Wikipage, wikipage title


Write True or False.
"Active users list" is a type of "Special pages".

The successor lectio is What Wiki Edits Are.